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Providing Children with Quality Opportunities

Helping our students succeed in and out of the classroom is our goal at Friends of Nantucket Public Schools. Join us at our monthly meetings, or contribute directly to our many programs.

Children’s Fund

These individual scholarships are provided through the John D. Miller Children's Fund. These scholarships are available year-round to all Nantucket public school students, without fees or financial requirements, for tuition assistance to pursue a variety of enriching after-school activities. Contact the FONPS administrative assistant: or 508-332-9906 for more information.

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Teacher/Coach Fund

The teacher/coach funds are individual scholarships available year-round to all Nantucket public school teachers and coaches, without fees or financial requirements, for tuition assistance for professional development and enrichment programs. Contact theFONPS administrative assistant at: or 508-228-7285 x 1168 for more information.

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Staff-Initiated Funding

These are grants provided to faculty and/or administration of the public schools at their request for projects and programs not covered by the school system's budget. Requests include such things as funding for field trips, conferences, books, software, equipment, and a variety of other things that enrich the curriculum. Teacher representatives from each school receive and review applications from faculty, and bring those applications to staff meetings, whereupon teacher groups vote on those requests which are then approved by the administration. Contact theFONPS administrative assistant at: for more information.

Staff Initiated Funding Application

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These grants are for faculty and/or administration of the Nantucket Public Schools who propose enrichment projects and programs which may not be fully covered by the NPS District or a particular school’s budget. Requests should prioritize programs that provide opportunities for social emotional learning and/or which directly related to and enhance existing curriculum materials and issues. Priority will be given to new programming and enrichment that benefits a broad age group. Funds are equitably distributed to the Upper (NHS and CPS) and Lower (NIS and NES) schools.

Corky Ranney Community Service Scholarship

The Friends of Nantucket Public Schools, each year awards one-two community service scholarships named in honor of Corky Ranney, a founding member of the Friends Board. These scholarships are awarded to graduating senior(s) who demonstrate high academic achievement and a dedication to community service. The award will be paid directly to the student’s selected accredited institution of higher learning. The scholarship application process is run through the NHS Scholarship Committee and is open to all NHS graduating seniors who are going on to higher education. Selection of the awarding student(s) is made by the Friends Scholarship Committee.

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Other Programs

School Groups

Parent Reps of the Friends coordinate with each school to host Open Houses, Family Activity Nights and other school sponsored events by providing refreshments, arranging for childcare, and developing/distributing informational flyers.


The FONPS enrichment program provides opportunities to enhance the curriculum in our schools.

Whole Child

The Friends also provides funding for programs to benefit public school children on a system-wide basis, such as providing snacks during testing days.


The Friends sponsors or co-sponsors (with other Nantucket agencies/businesses) parent and teacher education/informational workshops and forums.

Our meetings are open to the public- please join us!
FONPS meets the second Wednesday of every month in Room 104B at NHS.